EVE smartBCH Evolution Proposal 20 (SEP-20)

What is smartBCH? 

  • The popular cryptocurrency and blockchain system BitcoinCash now has a sidechain for smart contracts! smartBCH is the driving force behind the popularity of DeFi and DEX on BitcoinCash. In the smartBCH system, tokens represent a diverse range of digital assets, such as vouchers, IOUs, or even real-world, tangible objects. Essentially, smartBCH (SEP-20) tokens are smart contracts that make use of the smartBCH blockchain.

What is a SEP-20 Token?

  • smartBCH Evolution Proposal (SEP-20) tokens like EVE and WBCH are a blockchain-based asset that has value and can be sent and received. The primary difference is that instead of running on their own blockchain, SEP-20 tokens are issued on the smartBCH network. The SEP-20 commands vital importance; it defines a common list of rules that all smartBCH tokens must adhere to. This set of functions and signals ensures that smartBCH tokens of different types will all uniformly perform in any place within the smartBCH system.